is an multidiscipline bilingual english speaking architecture  studio based in Paris. The  agency is owned and directed by Hélène Lennartsson Drouin and works with architecture at all scales and programs, spanning from furniture and interior design to housing, urban movements and global theories. Currently the agency works with residential projects and interior design in Sweden and France.


whether related to a specific area of activity or as an expression of your own lifestyle, the agency aim to create architecture that offers functional, unique and creative solutions that meets every clients specific requirements, wishes and cultural background. Threw close dialogue and with respect to your budget we create an architecture that integrates the site and landscape it belongs to, with ecology not as an extra aspect, but as an integrated, natural part of every project.

The agency is a part of the French Association of Architects and is covered by an assurance with ten-year warranty, MAF (Mutuelle des Architectes de France, according to French law (Article 32 du code des devoirs professionnels).